Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals
Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary

Dedicated to the compassionate care of companion animals
                                 Ways To Help The Bunnies

              Send Your Favorite Bunny Flowers For Valentine's Day! 

Send your favorite bunny some Valentine love with our edible Valentine Flowers! The Vine Flower is filled with soft, green timothy hay topped with dried rose petals and a heart cookie. Click below to send flowers to your bunny sweetheart. 
Valentine Flower
Name of Bunny

Purchase the 2018 Tranquility Trail Calendar!

Enjoy 365 days of cuteness with the 2018 Tranquility Trail Calendar!

Bunny Pirate T-Shirt!

Purchase your one of a kind Bunny Pirate T-Shirt to help support the Tranquility Trail bunnies! Available in crew neck and v-neck, youth and adult sizes.  T-Shirts are $15.00 plus $2.00 for shipping. Please click below to purchase.

Please note: V-neck sizes do run small.

Bunny Pirate T-Shirt

Join the Flat Fred Fan Club!

Join the Flat Fred Fan Club to help raise awareness for the bunnies! Flat Fred is traveling the world spreading the word about being kind, compassionate and responsible for all animals.

Each Flat Fred Fan Club Member receives an official Flat Fred Fan Club numbered
button, a membership card and an opportunity to win fun prizes each month!

Fred's BFF Barney will pick a random number each month, if that matches your membership number, you will get a limited edition Mini Flat Fred plush or other fun prizes! Be sure to join today!

Donate a New Cottage to your Favorite Bunny!

  Donate a new cottage to your favorite Tranquility Trail bunny! For a $15 donation, a lucky Tranquility Trail bunny will receive a super cool new cottage!

Thank you for showing the TTAS bunnies how much they are loved!

New Cottage for (Bunny Name)


 Link Your Fry's VIP Card to Help the Bunnies!

Do you want to help the bunnies just by doing your grocery shopping? Tranquility Trail is now part of the Fry's Community Rewards program! Link your Fry's VIP Card to Tranquility Trail and the bunnies will receive a rebate each time you shop! For more information on how to link your card, please visit Our Fry's organization number is 52963.

Thank you for shopping to help the bunnies of Tranquility Trail!

Donation Box Campaign

We are always looking for more businesses that will allow us to place donation boxes by their cash registers. This campaign does not cost the business anything except a little counter space. The best places to position the donation boxes are at any location that deals with cash and has an employee nearby to keep a watchful eye over the coins. Coffee shops, donut shops, fast food restaurants, grocery store check out lines, convenience stores, banks, card shops, hair salons, and other places that deal with coins on a regular basis are ideal. If you have a connection at any business location, even one that doesn’t deal with coins regularly, feel free to place a jar there to show support on a wide basis around town. All you have to do is go to the business owners or managers, explain the cause, and ask for permission. Our volunteers will empty the boxes at a set time every week. 

Reportedly, there are over $10 Billion US in coins currently gathering dust as spare change in homes all across America.

If you would like to have a donation box placed at your company please contact us at 480-406-7301 or



Use for Searching and Shopping

Each time you use to search the internet Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary will receive a donation from iGive. It simple and free! will also donate a percentage of each purchase made from their participating merchants. For more information please visit


We provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our bunnies at the sanctuary.  They require a lot of hay, litter, toys, beds, blankets, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, etc.  If you would like to make a donation to go towards the care of all our sanctuary bunnies, you can click the link below.  100% of it goes to the bunnies.  Thank you so much!

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